Train the Trainer: Online Program

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Beaumont Etiquette is excited to announce the launch of a Train the Trainer Program in conjunction with our long-term partner, The English Manner.

For over 10 years The English Manner has offered the world’s leading program for individuals looking to expand their knowledge of etiquette and protocol. In 2021, their program has been revised and expanded to bring the program to New York, London and Singapore and online!

Together, Beaumont Etiquette and The English Manner, are able to offer the world’s most comprehensive and thorough training program in etiquette and protocol, creating a new gold standard for our industry.

Applications are now being accepted for our July 2022 online program

To learn more about the Train the Trainer Program click here to download the Train the Trainer Online Course Brochure.

If you have questions about the Train the Trainer Program, please email

Our comprehensive and accredited online Train the Trainer program enables you to train others in the fields of etiquette and protocol, expanding your knowledge from the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

The e-learning program has been carefully designed to provide you with the skills for transformational teaching of your clients anywhere in the world, to build your own commercially successful business platforms, or to expand and enhance your own knowledge of etiquette and protocol for social and professional gain.

The program contains key topics of British and Western social and business etiquette.

Candidates accepted into the Train the Trainer program will receive:

  • Comprehensive online training written and curated by our expert tutors
  • New modules delivered monthly to your email
  • A dedicated candidate advisor throughout the program

Train the Trainer (Grade 1) | Duration: 6 months

The first part of the training focuses on the core subjects of etiquette and protocol.

The six modules are explored further using reading materials, worksheets, videos, audio lessons, one- to-one mentoring and other learning tools.

At the end of the six months, candidates are sent the online examination.

Standard pass: 70%; Merit: 85%; Distinction: 95%

Advanced Train the Trainer (Grade 2) | Duration: 6 months

For those who wish to further develop their understanding of the subjects, the second grade sees the exploration of more advanced areas of etiquette and protocol.

The five modules are explored using reading materials, worksheets, videos, audio lessons, one-to-one mentoring sessions and other online learning tools.

At the end of the six months, candidates are sent the online examination.

Standard pass: 75%; Merit: 88%; Distinction: 96%

Online Classroom

Students learn using our private online classroom, where each module is delivered each month, including mini-quizzes, documents, images, audio and videos. Access to the online classroom runs for seven months from date of grade commencement.

Content Breakdown by Grade

  Grade One (In-person) Grade One (Online) Grade Two (Online)
Module 1: Interpersonal skills
Module 2: Deportment and posture
Module 3: Dining etiquette
Module 4: Afternoon tea
Module 5: Dress codes
Module 6: Business protocol
Module 7: Correspondence and correct form
Module 8: Entertaining
Module 9: Service skills
Module 10: Body language
Module 11: International Protocol
Training manuals Modules 1-6 Printable PDF Files Modules 7-11
One-to-one private mentoring sessions 1 Additional investment 2
Live-group webinars 6 12 8
Bonus modules
Online examination 90 minutes 75 minutes 100 minutes
Certificate of completion Framed Digital Framed
Membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management

Course Information and Pricing Details

If you would like to apply for the Online Train the Trainer Program please complete our online application form.

Accepted applicants will be contacted beginning in March 2021 to secure their place with a deposit. Applicants who are not accepted will be added to a waiting list. The non-refundable application fee is £100 USD.

Grade One: Begins January 2022 | $5,500 USD
Grade Two: Begins in 2022 | $4,500 USD

*Please ask us about our payment plan options if interested

Frequently Asked Questions

The online platform can be accessed anywhere in the world, subject to local internet laws. It is accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet and most smartphones. It is not a requirement to be in the same place as the in-person training.

The modules can be completed in your own time. Each month sees new content released (one module per month, roughly, with some unexamined content also released across the six months). There is no deadline to complete each module except for that they all must be completed before the examination at the end of the six months.

We review this on a case-by-case basis, but in most instances we can accommodate unforeseen occurrences.  An extension can be given for most situations.

While the modules have to be completed within six months, access to the online classroom remains for a further month after the examination ends. We reserve the right to revoke access immediately and without prior notice should any of the agreed payments not be made on the stipulated day or if we become aware of any breaches of copyright.

There are many key elements of etiquette and protocol that are trickier to teach well solely online. Accordingly, our in-person training focuses on the physical and practical topics, as well as building on what is taught through the online classroom. We plan to launch our in-person Train the Trainer Program in 2021, which will include five days of intensive in-person training in New York, London and/or Singapore, pending the global health pandemic.