The Finishing Program: National Tour

The Finishing Program:
National Tour

Following the success of The Plaza Hotel Finishing Program, Beaumont Etiquette is partnering with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts across the United States to expand the program to several cities: Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston, Fairmont Grand Del Mar, San Diego, Fairmont San Francisco and Fairmont Dallas.

The Finishing Program will include a selection of Beaumont Etiquette’s signature courses for adults and children. The adult programs will include the two-hour Business & Dining Etiquette or Social & Dining Etiquette course over canapés, champagne or wine, and The Intensive, a four-hour course covering a range of etiquette topics (business etiquette, dining etiquette, social graces and style) and a three-course luncheon. The Children’s Course syllabus includes a lesson on table manners, proper introductions and etiquette in different settings such as at school, on the playground, when traveling, and will include tea sandwiches, lemonade and bite-sized pastries.

Below is a list of cities, topics and dates for The Finishing Program. Click the links below to register for a course:

BOSTON: Social & Dining Etiquette on June 19, 2018 at Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston

BOSTON: Business & Dining Etiquette Course on June 20, 2018 at Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston

SAN DIEGO: Social & Dining Etiquette on June 25, 2018 at Fairmont Grand Del Mar, San Diego

SAN FRANCISCO: Business & Dining Etiquette Course on June 26, 2018 at Fairmont San Francisco

DALLAS: Social & Dining Etiquette Course on September 21, 2018 at Fairmont Dallas

DALLAS: Children’s Etiquette Course on September 22, 2018 at Fairmont Dallas

DALLAS: The Intensive on September 22, 2018 at Fairmont Dallas

If you have questions about the Plaza Proper Etiquette Evenings series, please email

There is a non-refundable $25 booking fee for each class.

Photograph by Adeline Ramos of You Look Lovely Photography


  • Modern etiquette introduction
  • Elegant meeting & greeting (From learning the perfect handshake to how to present your most polished self)
  • Graceful introductions (Who is introduced first? Men, women, seniors?)
  • How to gain confidence in any situation
  • Expert body language & eye contact tips (Learn to to read it and respond to it)
  • From business casual to black tie – what does it really mean?
  • Polished to perfection: Fashion, style & grooming (VIP Guest Speaker)

  • Posture: Sitting, standing, climbing and descending stairs
  • Getting in and out of cars
  • How to make a powerful entrance
  • Walking (in heels for ladies & poised walking for men)

  • Formal table manners (Western: American, Continental & British)Proper use of cutlery, glassware and napkin
  • Tricky foods (from spaghetti to boned fish)
  • Dining at a restaurant vs a private home
  • How to set a formal dining table
  • Coffee, tea, eating
  • Soup, bread, cheese and dessert etiquette
  • Finger foods: When is it okay not to use cutlery?
  • Conversation at the table
  • Most common dining faux-pas and how to prevent them
  • Excellent service / speaking with service staff
  • How to be the perfect host or guest
  • Tipping
  • Giving the perfect toast
  • Precedence: Who sits where at tables in business/socially?

  • Entertaining and hosting skills, in business and socially
  • Social networking – Steps to get the most out of networking
  • How to be the most charming person in the room
  • Cross cultural etiquette
  • Cocktail party etiquette

  • Body Language: Positive non-verbal communication, how to read it and how to achieve it
  • Email, phone and social media etiquette
  • Eye contact
  • Sophisticated verbiage

  • Modern relationship etiquette: dating/marriage
  • Social etiquette at bridal showers, weddings and beyond
  • Throwing and attending parties
  • Invitations and thank-you cards

  • Top business etiquette faux-pas an how to prevent them
  • Polished professional: How to revamp your image at work
  • Client entertaining
  • Meeting / conference call etiquette
  • Authority when speaking
  • Business conversation – topics to include and those to avoid
  • Corporate networking made easy
  • How to turn an introduction into a solid contact
  • Negotiation tactics you can use in every day life