Children’s Etiquette Course

Available for ages 5-9

The foundation of etiquette taught in childhood is priceless and considered a life long investment. Whether the goal is acceptance into the school of choice or to learn basic manners, table etiquette, social skills and confidence, Beaumont Etiquette can create a unique program for those 5-9 years of age (for 10-17 years consider our teen etiquette course). As all of our courses are private, one-to-one instruction, we simply ask that you send us your preferred date to take the course and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule. Please enquire at for additional pricing and curriculum.

Virtual 90-Minute Online Private Etiquette Course

  • 90-minute session with a Beaumont Etiquette trainer over zoom or similar platform
  • Available daily (Pending availability)
  • $200 for one child, $50 for an additional child; maximum three (3) children
  • Available for individuals only

Two-Hour Private Etiquette Course

  • Two-hour tutorial session with a private instructor
  • Monday – Sunday (Pending availability)
  • $450 USD for individual children
  • Consultation and instruction session
  • You may add additional children to the same course for $85 per child

  • Greeting adults and superiors with respect
  • Dining etiquette / How to set the table
  • How to behave at a dining table (restaurants and private homes)
  • Making friends
  • Developing social skills, confidence and good communication
  • Dress and grooming 101
  • Positive body language and eye contact

Photo by Amanda in New York City for Flytographer