Business Etiquette Courses

A Harvard – Stanford study concluded that one’s success (particularly in the workplace) is based on 85% social skills and less than 15% technical skills…

Working with Beaumont Etiquette offers individual or group etiquette courses to ensure you achieve the attention and detailed instruction required to fine tune and master business etiquette and protocol. Bespoke day courses (or longer where required) are available at a central Manhattan location. Course timings are flexible, pending availability.

Special group rates for corporate training are given upon request to – Please find information about corporate group offerings below.
★ While all classes are taught in English, requests for language translation services may be provided for an additional cost and pending availability.

Power Hour Etiquette

  • One hour session (Central Manhattan location)
  • May only be used once per client
  • Available only Monday – Friday (Pending availability)
  • $275 (individual course cost)
  • Available for individuals only, excluding lunch

A one hour session with an etiquette consultant, inviting individuals to ask all of their most burning questions on any etiquette topic.

Private Courses: Two Hours

  • 12:00pm – 2pm (Central Manhattan Location)
  • Monday – Sunday (Pending availability)
  • $675 (individual course cost)
  • One-to-one instruction session excluding lunch
  • You may add a second person for an additional $425

Private Courses: Three Hours

  • 10:00am – 1pm (Central Manhattan Location)
  • Monday – Sunday (Pending availability)
  • $1175 (individual course cost)
  • Course includes bespoke one-to-one instruction and a formal lunch over dining etiquette tutorial.
  • You may add a second person for an additional $550

Popular Courses Include:

Perfect for groups such as summer associate programs, team building workshops, and ongoing executive training, our most popular group business etiquette courses include the below four options. Inquire at for group pricing.

1. Lunch-and-Learn

A two hour training program over lunch with a business etiquette instructor, (caterer organized by your company) which includes our corporate protocol and dining etiquette curriculum, including over 100 topics pertaining to formal corporate dining.

2. Business Dining Workshop

A one hour and thirty minute concentrated workshop on dining etiquette, including a snack to practice using cutlery. Over 50 topics are covered, from how to properly hold cutlery and how to taste / order wine, to conversation topics and client entertaining, followed by a 10 minute open Q&A session. All cutlery and food is supplied by Beaumont Etiquette

3. Business Etiquette Workshop

A one hour and thirty minute hands-on workshop covering the expansive world of business etiquette, dining and protocol. The room is broken up into smaller groups where associates practice mock business networking, deportment, introductions, dressing, corporate dining and entertaining.

4. Business Etiquette Keynote

A one hour keynote presentation and ten minute open Q&A session covering pre-selected business etiquette topics.

  • How to create the best first impression in business
  • Introductions (Who do you introduce first? Woman to man /senior to junior etc)
  • Greetings and handshakes
  • Posture and deportment in business
  • Polished professional: Professional image, grooming and attire
  • Body language and eye contact in business
  • Corporate networking made easy
  • Email etiquette
  • Mobile phone and social media etiquette
  • Cross cultural etiquette: how to handle common issues
  • Meeting etiquette / conference call etiquette
  • Business conversation during social events; appropriate topics and those to avoid
  • Effective communication in business / voice training
  • Making a toast / speeches
  • Authority and confidence when speaking

Perfect for the business executive, this course covers business dining etiquette, client entertaining and business strategy tactics over lunch. The course takes place during lunch where you will learn all the skills needed for Western (British, Continental / European and American) etiquette. From which fork to use during an eight course meal to how to order the perfect glass of wine, table posture and deportment, toasting and conversation guidance, all major dining topics are covered during this session.

Work with a highly trained private speech specialist on topics including:

  • Speech improvement
  • Accent reduction – both foreign and accents from within the US
  • Public Speaking instruction
  • Corporate speech training
  • Speech training for actors
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) training & grammar
  • Develop speaking confidence