Anne Chertoff

Anne Chertoff

COO, The Plaza Finishing Program & Beaumont Etiquette Project Director

Anne is a marketing and communications specialist. In her role as co-founder of The Plaza Finishing Program she manages client services, sponsorships, partnerships, and teaches a class on weddings.

In addition to her role with Beaumont Etiquette, her boutique agency, Anne Chertoff Media, offers businesses a range of services including content creation, digital and social media strategy, media relations and strategic partnerships.

For over 15 years Anne has worked as a lifestyle and wedding editor, writing about home and food, fashion and beauty, pregnancy and parenting, travel and weddings. In addition to her editorial work Anne has also created content for brands, including Four Seasons Resorts and Vera Wang.

Anne is also recognized as a Royal Expert.  She has been featured in magazines, newspapers and TV shows discussing royal weddings, royal babies, the history of the British Royal Family, and various historical and contemporary commentary on royal families from around the world.

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Anne Chertoff

Anne Chertoff

COO, The Plaza Finishing Program

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Myka Meier

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Director of Hospitality

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Allyson Hernandez

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